Freehand Beverage Review: Miller High Life

This week Yug & I sat down to a little coding and a six pack of Miller High Life. Miller High Life is a classic American Lager. Founded in 1903, it is the flagship beer of Miller Brewing Company in Milwaukee.

Loved by college students everywhere, "The Champagne of Beers" features a very distinct design. Adorned in gold, red and green as well as by a caricature of an Old West lady of the evening swinging on a star, there is no mistaking the high life.


At the front, you can feel the carbonation wafting to the back of the nose. The beer feels lighter and crisper than most with notes of berry and cardboard, similar to, but not as tasty as a German Kolsch. The mouth is very aware of the beer's carbonation.

Miller High Life goes down easy and does not leave one feeling full in any way. It is a classic choice for creative work. Freehand gives the beer a 3/5 stars.