Freehand Beverage Review: Narragansett

Welcome to the Freehand Beverage Review

In our first review we've determined to start with the Mighty Lark's adult beverage of choice, "The Famous Narragansett." On a Wednesday night in studio, Mighty and Yug sat down to a six pack ring of the classic lager.

In a culture dominated by microbreweries, Narragansett seems a microbrewery from way back. Established in 1890; the brewery's slogan "Made on merit, sold on honor," leaves a cheerful ring in the ears.

At the front 'Gansett, as the locals call it, has a maltier body than most American Lagers. The flavor is immediately sweet and leathery but finishes airily like a fine champagne. The aftertaste is effervescent of a berry.

The beer is smooth and easy to drink and comes in both tall boys and bar bottles. Freehand would recommend it for any late night drawing session beverage.