Gary Viskupic

I told my dad recently that I had begun to collect old Science Fiction books again and this time was paying particular attention to the covers. We began to talk about Ray Bradbury, a shared favorite.

I remember in undergrad at Syracuse I was assigned a cover to "The Illustrated Man." Later, I went on to illustrate "The Martian Chronicles" as an independent study. I have since lost my copy of "The Martian Chronicles." Fortunately, dad had a copy sitting around, and oddly, it is not one of his favorites.

To my jubilation he sent me a copy with a cover illustration by Gary Viskupic. I quickly began to search for all of the Viskupic work that I could find. His illustrations feature some creative anatomy, problematic compositional choices, and some funky colors reminiscent of the late sixties and seventies, but they are beautiful. There is something so odd and quirky about them, that they all just work as they are, despite some of their design hiccups that might lead to failure at some of the leading art schools. This is one of the reasons that I love art. Some things are not everyone's cup of tea, but this work is totally mine.

Check out some sweet Viskupic SciFi work!