Gene Szafran

Searching at the Green Hand for more Robert Heinlein books yesterday, I stumbled upon a copy of "The Puppet Masters," illustrated by Gene Szafran. The cover seemed so psychedelic, sporting an unnatural color scheme, and figures used more as pattern than as subject. The entire cover seemed trippy to say the least.

After a quick internet search, I found that Szafran was from the Detroit area, had illustrated a number of leading science fiction writers during the sixties and seventies, as well as Playboy, Penthouse and a number of album covers. It seems that he was at the top of the SciFi scene, when he was, unfortunately, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and no longer capable of keeping up with his illustration work.

The covers that seemed the most intriguing to me, were again, a series of Heinlein covers produced for Signet publishing in the eighties. Check these out. You will not be disappointed.