Ian Miller

While on a drive through Gorham, ME, the other day, I stopped at The Bookworm for the first time. I happened upon a very worn copy of Ray Bradbury's "Long After Midnight." The cover art was absolutely stunning. Even through the buckled and bubbled plastic that the Wisdom High School had bound it in, I was able to see the beautiful patterning and segmentation of classical and surrealist illustrations created by Ian Miller.

I quickly searched for Ian Miller's work and found that the man has a huge catalog of illustration work for Tor, character design and cover work. Largely, it seems his work falls in the fantasy camp, but the illustrations that most struck my fancy were from a series of Ray Bradbury works all done in this same fashion.

The partitions and patterns just have the perfect amount of color and contrast, variation in line weight and value, and a pleasing overall shape. The characters range in definition from silhouetted travelers on open planes, to well rendered, if at times cropped legionnaires and gods. Typical, it seems, to illustrations of Bradbury's works there is a large bug eyed monster at center. This creature seems to pop away from the demons and poltergeists swirling about it.

Meanwhile, some of his other work seems to allow for much larger characters. These are immensely expressive demons and creatures from netherworlds. I particularly enjoyed his work for Lovecraft titles that were done in this style.

Check out the beautiful work of Ian Miller.