John Berkey - SciFi Illustrator Extraordinaire

When I was growing up my father had a number of magazine subscriptions, including Sci-Fi magazine, Isaac Asimov Magazine, and Ellery Queen Mystery magazine. The front covers of these magazines were incredible. Some were actually reproductions from illustrations used in old pulp publications and others were newly contracted work made to look like the old pulps. Ever since I found myself pouring over these Sci-Fi covers I've had an obsession older science fiction paperbacks and their covers.

The other day I was looking through my books and happened on my copy of "I, Robot" This book has one of my favorite cover illustrations of all time, but I was infuriated to find that there was no credit given for the illustrator. After some digging on the web, I found that the illustrator was actually relatively well known, primarily for his illustrations for early Star Wars promos and his work with NASA.

Please enjoy some of my picks of classic pulpy style work from John Berkey.

And finally, I would be remiss to leave out the original promo for Star Wars. I had this painting reproduced on a pillowcase when I was a very small child. I can still remember pretending to insert myself into the Star Wars story line while I fell asleep.