Freehand Wisdom: Quit Trying to Draw "Right" and Just Draw

I teach 2D Design and Illustration at a Community College, and while I find it important to learn the rules and principles of art making, I cannot stress how important it is to just draw however it is you draw. My students struggle with this idea. They are all perfectionists; dissatisfied with their drawings and easily discouraged.

I feel like this is actually much more common than a subset of community college students, however.
But, the truth is, the more that people draw the more confident they become in their own abilities. Their line looks more confident. The drawing starts to have a vitality of its own. People will respond to this vitality. The viewer senses the confidence evident in your drawings.

Many successful artists and illustrators utilize very little realism in their pieces. I doubt that they care to. I don't doubt for a minute, however, that they spend hours crafting the way that they communicate.

Look at these examples from Jean Jullien, Philip Guston, Keith Haring and Gary Panter, respectively.

None of these artists utilize(d) pictorial realism, and yet they are all incredibly successful. And so, let me assure you that you too can be successful if you just allow yourself to draw and ignore the little voice that tells you it isn't "right."