Reynolds Stone's "Omoo"

Reynolds Stone was an accomplished wood engraver, typographer and painter. He is probably best known for his work on his work for Queen Elizabeth II and his design for the British Councils coat of arms.

In 1961 he illustrated Herman Melville's Omoo for the Limited Edition Club. The illustrations are beautiful, if a bit dark, depictions of the Polynesian Islands, their inhabitants and the vessels that the narrator sails about on.

When I conducted a quick search of Stone's work, I found that there were not many examples online of these beautiful wood carvings, so please, enjoy and share.

*Title page including typography engraved by Stone*

*The Calabooza Beretanee (The English Jail)*

*A Typee Structure*

View of Papeetee Bay with Point Venus, so named by Captain Cook, stretching off into the distance.

*An example of the Tahitian foliage*

Illustration of a sprouting coconut