SciFi Monday #12: Paul Lehr

It has been a while. I beg your pardon. The shift from Spring schedules to Summer schedules too more planning and work than I had originally anticipated and I found it difficult to catch up with enough time to bring you amazing science fiction illustrators for a few weeks.

But if one must take a short hiatus, they should bring their project back with a real bang, and there is no bigger bang in the Science Fiction Illustration world than Paul Lehr.

I found Paul Lehr searching through Sci Fi titles at Strange Maine. Brendan always has some sweet copies for very reasonable prices.

Lehr seems to be heavily influenced by the surrealists Magritte and Dali, while his crowd scenes seem to be framed like a Hieronymus Bosch. The color is so fitting for each piece, and unlike some of the artists that I've featured, he seems comfortable working in multiple palettes. All hail Paul Lehr!